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Images not displaying properly + listings not submitting

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  • Aizen

    Hello Ihor,

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and a Happy New Year to you.

    I have published a site at on behalf of a client.

    The first ‘bug’ is listings with images – often times the head is cut off. Is there a way to ensure the whole image is displayed? This happens particularly with smartphones viewing the site.

    The second ‘bug’ relates to paid listings. each time a user submits a paid listing via a smartphone – the listing isn’t showing in the ‘all listings’ section – and so it cannot be approved. The work around I found is that the user has to log in again, resubmit the listing – then it goes through.

    On the second submission of the listing, the user isn’t asked to pay again which is good but still annoying as it requires admin to email the user to request a re-submission.

    Thanks for all your amazing work.


    ihor developer


    Happy holidays!

    There will be a major update in a few days and I’ll test everything from scratch, please let me know if this issue occurs after the upcoming update. Listing images are cropped to 3:4 ratio by default, these settings can be changed via the HivePress API (by adding a custom code snippet).


    Hi Ihor,

    Thanks for your response. I’m no good at CSS, could you kindly give me an example please? Thank you in advance. I will be send you some more euros soon. And also look forward to discussing my custom project that I would like your help on (which will be fully paid of course)!



    ihor developer

    Thanks, appreciate your support!

    Images are always cropped, if you want to change the aspect ratio or crop it from the bottom (instead of top and bottom – this would resolve the issue because head on the photo would always be visible) please let me know and I’ll post the code snippet.


    Yes Please, This would be most helpful if you could share the code.

    ihor developer

    This code snippet should work:

    	function( $image_sizes ) {
    		return HivePress\Helpers\merge_arrays(
    				'landscape_small' => [
    					'crop' => [ 'center', 'top' ],

    After you add it it’s possible to regenerate existing thumbnails


    Hi Ihor,

    I tried the above code but it broke my website lol. Maybe I’m putting it in the wrong place? After I placed it at bottom of functions.php in Theme Editor – the plugin won’t load on the listings page.

    Thanks for your help. I just sent a small donation. more to follow


    ihor developer


    I tried to add the same code on a local installation and it seems to work, please make sure that you add it at the end of the child theme functions.php file.

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