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  • Venya

    Good afternoon, how to make it so that the seller can add images not only in png and jpg as well as webp and more

    yevhen developer

    Please try this PHP snippet

    	function( $model ) {
    		$formats =  ['jfif', 'gif']; // Just change formats by your requirements.
    		$model['fields']['images']['formats'] = array_merge($model['fields']['images']['formats'], $formats);
    		return $model;

    Please try using some plugins for converting images to WebP format, for example this one


    Thank you


    I also often meet with such a problem (see screenshot). I upload an image to png but it writes an invalid value

    yevhen developer

    Please make sure that there are no custom code snippets that may cause this issue, it is not related to the image format, otherwise there would be “Only PNG, JPG,… files are allowed”.


    How did you solve problem with invalid value? Getting same issue


    OMG. Partially solved it! Downloaded plugin “Advanced DataBase cleaner” And there is tons of “Empty” auto-drafts. Deleted them and BOOM! Now user can Add Listings!

    But still. There is a bug with that IMG uploader that creates that empty Auto-Drafts. And in the future users will be unable to Add Listing again, when they catch that bug and that empty IMG draft again!

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll try to debug this further.

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