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Import example CSV format

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  • Steven

    I just purchased and installed the import extension, mostly because I think its a great way to import my own listings, not really bothered about allowing users to import their own at the moment

    2 things to ask

    1/ there doesn’t seem to be any example of the CSV format to import, what is the format,

    unless I missed it where is the “example_import.csv” file

    2/ if I do not click the option in settings to “allow import listings” does this stop the option for users, but still allow it for the admin?

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I hope it’ll be useful! There are a few updates planned for the following weeks.

    1. There’s no specific format, you can simply create a doc in Google Sheets and export it in CSV format, or use an existing CSV – the second step allows mapping the listing fields to any of the available CSV columns.

    2. Yes, if you leave it unchecked then only admins will be able to import listings.


    ihor, thanks for the reply, I had waited until I had an answer to try to upload any csv incase it screwed up the options or data

    I have questions though, on my test site..

    question 1/

    When I use the normal button to “add listing” then hivepress displays and asks for single radio button options to select from

    () Brand New
    () Mint
    () Excellent
    () Very Good
    () Good
    () Fair
    () Poor
    () Non-Functioning Parts
    () B-Stock

    Having someone put these exact texts into a CSV will be almost impossible.

    Then having the CSV import new listings, but not keeping to the text and options rules that are set for listings ,will probably make listings be totally mismatched to a site style.

    So Will there be some way to include something in the CSV mapping?

    question 2/

    If your making changes, because of the way this works, would you consider, adding a button in the admin profile, to export a CSV that reflects the existing hivepress site ad texts and select options for a default listing

    I would imaging that, if you did this, you could even set the first 10 or 20 rows of the sample exported CSV to correctly hint or list all the required options

    Then import from an uploaded CSV from teh first empty row onwards, leaving the example bit at the top of the file?

    Row 1 could be the required item/title
    Row 2 etc could be the options, So that in my case it might be

    Row 2; “Brand New”;”2″;”Will Post”;”For Sale”
    Row 3; “Mint”;”3″;”Collection Only”;”Pending”
    Row 4; “Excellent”;”4″;””;”Sold”
    Row 5; “Very Good”;”5″;””;””
    Row 6; “Good”;”6″;””;””
    Row 7; “Fair”;”7″;””;””
    Row 8; “Poor”;”8″;””;””
    Row 9; “Non-Functioning Parts”;”10″;””;””
    Row 10; “B-Stock”;”12″;””;””
    Row 11;””;””;””;””
    Row 12;”read new listings options from here

    This at least would provide a correct CSV as an example, and a list of any expected options for drop downs etc

    ihor developer

    1. Yes, currently options are matches by labels, the other way would be matching IDs but this would be less readable in a CSV. This also depends on the CSV format you have, if there are category name in some column then pre-creating categories with the same labels in HivePress would then match categories correctly during the import.
    2. Thanks for your feedback, this is just the initial release and we plan to implement export as soon as possible (the next version will also contain a few features like overriding existing listings, and pre-selecting a category for category-specific fields).


    OK, thanks for the answer

    Since I have purchased, could I make a feature request then..

    On the example export, please add a system, like I suggested, and export the labels as the top row, and then the associated options or selection labels below each in the same column, this would at least give anybody making a CSV to import, the data and text data they need to stick to, to not screw up their system

    So that if the R1 label is “Property Type”, then the same column on R2, R3, R4 would show on the export as “Detatched Property”, “Semi-Detatched”, “Flat”

    and on the actual import, on the mapped items, could it possibly check the “csv text” == “the label option” that hivepress would have offered as a radio or checkbox option for selection, and at least suggest to correct and choose, or override

    because I have the feeling that if a person adds extra items, as overrides from a CSV, into a Label item with a few radio options, that, hivepress might end up trying to show a whole nightmare of options on existing listings, trying to display all the new csv added unique ones

    At least if you export an example, and display in the top part of any CSV the existing option, radio, check box selections, it will help keep a person on track

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll try to improve the UX of the import/export process. Currently if some label is missing the listing will be skipped, labels are used only to link the CSV column value to existing categories or attribute options, so you can always check the available labels (or add them manually, depends on the data source and format in the imported CSV) in Listings/Categories.
    For example, if you have listings exported from a third-party source and categories are set there as comma separated labels “one, two, three” you can pre-add these in Listings/Categories and listings will be linked to these categories during the import. After the import, you can simply change these category names in Listings/Categories.


    I can see what you mean, but its not really practical

    Only an admin could pre-enter matching categories, a user with csv upload link would never manage to upload anything

    and if what you are saying is that it maps to the labels in the first line of the csv, then that will also never work in any case that the hivepress item label has preset option,

    The only thing that would work, for 99% of people, is mapping “description” as a csv “text” item

    Almost anything else would be ruined, or end up a total mess of uploaded variants

    “How many rooms” could be mapped and end up being..
    one room, 1 room, single room, just 1 room, just 1, only one room, only 1, small room, one large room

    If the csv allows this to be enteres, and the hivepress is set site wide to show a drop down for

    “How many rooms?” will it now show the original admin set options

    1 room
    2 rooms
    3 rooms — plus all the new variants in teh same drop down
    one room
    single room
    just 1 room
    just 1
    only one room
    only 1
    small room
    one large room

    Your going to have to figure a way to handle this, otherwise the only labels that could be imported, without screwing up the site, would be


    and even for price, you could end up with

    12 dollars


    I think an admin, fixing and adding things, to allow a csv to upload, is a lot more hassle, than just offering a download of a correct formatted CSV

    Then every persons hivepress, would export the correct csv thats needed for their own site, in their correct options

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, I agree, regular users should definitely have some “cheat sheet” with the available options/labels, instead of having to check the available options manually in the drop-down lists.


    ihor, yes, totally, you got it right with the idea of a “cheat sheet”

    Thats the best way to describe whats needed, I think there needs to be an admin option, for the admin, to export an example CSV, with a “cheat sheet” included in the top part, not a separate file, because then it would allow error to be inputted and columns to be missed or moved out of a normal or known order, and a user could then open in their editor and see all in one screen what needs to be followed and allowed in the CSV, and an admin could just link to that example cheat sheet file, for download

    I can see it will be a bit of a minefield, but with a cheat sheet, it might make it lots easier

    Question /

    Is this something thats in active development, or is it something thats going to be shelved for many months

    ihor developer

    I added this to the project roadmap so we’ll implement this as soon as possible, this feature seems to be pretty important for user import, unlike the admin import. Can’t say for sure about the exact implementation, we have to test the UX.

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