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    Hello, i imported listings by wp all import pro and everything is OK. Every listing has some attributes, lng and lat, location, price in dashboard as in csv. But on frontend attributes arent shown. I must refresh attribute e.g. change it to another, save and change back to correct – then attribute is show. Why attributes after import arent shown? In dashboard everything is OK. How can i refresh attributes? I’ll send you wpadmin access. Please check listings added today (~400). See whichc attributes can you see on frontend and which on dashboard, then change sth and update listing.


    This may be a caching issue, HivePress caches attributes for up to 1 week (or 1 day if you have no object cache enabled). I checked your site and couldn’t find a listing without attributes, if there’s some listing that still has this issue please send a link to this listing to and I’ll check it.

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