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    Hello again,

    i have XML file with many items of cars (modelsm brands etc..)
    it´s posible import this to atributes?


    Since HivePress stores attributes as meta fields and taxonomy terms, you can try using any advanced WordPress importer like this one (or their Pro version).


    I am also after doing something similar at the moment and would be interested if you find a solution.
    I am currently using importWP the full version and it allows imports to ‘custom fields’ (meta fields) however it seems to limit the amount of records I can update at any one time and also search those ‘extra’ meta fields make the site grind to a standstill.

    I am thinking it might be easier to add extra columns to the wp_post table? Or maybe even just insert all the data into one ‘spare’ column like the excerpt or something and then smashing it up into usable pieces on the page.


    It should work even with 40,000+ listings Please make sure that you mapped field names correctly (selectable attributes should be mapped to taxonomies, not meta). Changing the WP database schema and adding columns would lead to many issues.

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