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Improve Image-upload & Management

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    Really love HivePress and the work you put into it!

    I’ve gotten some feedback from the visitors & users of my site and it seems that many of them find both the image upload aswell as managing what picture they want to show as front etc is not as good / easy to understand as it could be. Many people have asked why there is no “progress bar” when they upload picture / pictures so they know it didnt freeze or stop working.

    For me it works fine, but i can also see there is room for improvement.

    Thanks again!



    There’re many UI improvements on the roadmap and I’ll consider implementing your suggestions. Currently, there’s a spinning loader instead of the button text if the file is still being processed. If this works for you, I can share a snippet for adding some description to the images field, so users will know that the first image will be the featured one.


    Hi ihor,
    Can you share the snippet, i have the same feedback form testing users.
    Also, it would me nice to add a small text near the upload buton to explain that without images the listing (i use your pluging for a classifieds) will not see/open compare to a listing with an image.



    Sure, please try using this one:

    	function( $form ) {
    		$form['fields']['images']['description'] = 'Description';
    		return $form;

    Any more news on the UI improvements for uploading images and management?


    If you mean front-end changes, they are not planned for the next update. There will be a unified UI for front-end and back-end uploader in the next version (at the moment images are uploaded via “Add Media” on the back-end).



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