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Include Attributes to keyword search

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  • tipevohq

    Hi ihor,
    How can I make the keyword search form to search but listing title (as it does today) AND also a few attributes.
    Example, if I enter “John”, I would like it to return all listings: “John Oliver”, “John Wayne” AND a listing titled “Matt Stevens” with attribute “favorite team” == St. Johns Soccer Club.
    Thanks a bunch


    You could try the WP Extended Search Plugin


    Thank you @FindaFloorGuy, this plug-in, per the description, seems to be exactly what I need, but for some reason is not playing well with HivePress. I installed it, set up the settings and attributes I needed to search for but it’s still searching by title only.


    I’ve had a little trouble with it as well but have been able to get it to function close to what I need. I want to search only a zip code attribute. After much trial and error I found I needed to tick an additional meta key name – hp_search_field_type. I still get hits when I search keywords in the title from new listings but don’t get hits when I search keywords of titles in any of the demo listings. I’m sure I’m missing something, just don’t know what yet.


    Yes, non-selectable HivePress attributes are stored as meta fields with “hp_” prefix. This plugin seems to work for including the attributes to the search scope

    Thanks for your help:)


    According to these settings, the coaches should be searchable by the organization field. Please make sure that you tried to search coaches, not listings (I’m not sure if you renamed listings or vendors to coaches). Also, I recommend unsetting the “hp_search_field_type” field because it’s not related to attribute value, it’s a field type you select in attribute settings.

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