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Home Support Themes RentalHive Indexable and searchable host attributes in the search engine.

Indexable and searchable host attributes in the search engine.

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  • DianaLizarazo

    Hi, I would like to implement the use of host attributes as additional filters in the search engine in the listing page; however, although I am selecting the options that supposedly allow adding the attributes as searchable and filtrable they are not being added to the listing page. Could you please indicate me if this is possible?


    ihor developer

    If these are vendor attributes they appear on the vendor search page, not the listing one. For example if you check this URL /?post_type=hp_vendor all the searchable attributes should appear there. Please add searchable listing attributes if required in Listings/Attributes section.


    Hi Ihor! Thanks for your reply. The issue is that I am using the Rental theme. Therefore I do not have a host/vendor search page, It is possible to create a host search page in the rentalhive theme?

    yevhen developer

    Yes. Please make sure that setting Display hosts on the front-end in HivePress/Settings/Hosts section in activated. Then all vendors/hosts attributes where option Display in the filter form is activated will be displayed on vendors/hosts page. So it is possible to search/filter hosts on this page but not on listings search page

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