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  • webservicesdesk

    Hi Hivepress!

    We are planning to use the Rental Hive to create our affiliate hunting website.

    We would like to know the feature can be done or customized using the theme:

    Need customizable registration fields, and the ability to select which to display and where on the trip listing. Essentially replicate existing package pages. Reformat is ok, but need a logical “home” for all fields/media.

    Need both admins and guides to be able to view and edit trip listings. Ideally, the admin would have the ability to lock certain fields so businesses cannot edit without submitting a request.

    Need to allow guides to create multiple listings, and view/manage from one dashboard.

    Need the ability for visitors to search by location. Many of the guides do not offer a physical address, but rather a city and state/province. Would this work?

    Need ability to create custom filters on search results pages, based on existing filters on (species etc)

    Need the ability for visitors to message guides directly. Visitors must create an account to message guide. Admin needs the ability to monitor these conversations. Some level of censorship related to websites/contact info would be necessary.

    If you could send us reply as soon as possible so we can purchase the theme if most of it is possible. The original site is

    Best Regards,
    Angela 🙂

    ihor developer

    Hi Angela,

    1. It’s possible to add custom listing fields and display them in one of the available areas, here’s an example of adding a custom Price field, setting it up as a search filter and displaying it

    2. Both admins and listing authors can edit listings, but you can restrict some fields to admins only.

    3. Yes, listing authors can edit their listings via the My Account/Listings page.

    4. It’ll work with cities, but the more precise the location the better since there’s a radius-based search.

    5. Possible.

    6. Private messaging is available, but messages are not visible to admins by default, you can also try adding a block list of words or domains (e.g. if you want to prevent sharing contact details) to block some inappropriate messages. Also, it’s possible to make messages visible as comments in WordPress/Comments section with a simple code fix (as a workaround for viewing messages).

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Ihor,

    Thank you for your message. Here is our another question before we proceed.

    With the dynamic nature of hunting packages and potentially extremely high prices, we still feel that being involved to some extent makes the most sense.

    We’d like to lean on visitor/guide messaging to get a customer ready to book. Assuming customer and guide work out details, customer submits reservation request on site. Admin, guide, and customer receive notification emails. A contract (Docusign or similar API) is automatically generated (pulling pricing and fields from the listing, accompanied by some static legal verbiage), which the guide must either sign off on or request revisions from admin. Once guide signs, a copy is sent to customer for signing. Once customer signs, 50% deposit is collected via invoice.

    We would use the HivePress theme without integrated payment. Simply request and accept reservations.

    Can it accommodate Deposit and reservation only?

    Thank you

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no such multiple notifications and automatic document generation/signing feature at the moment, this would require custom implementation (e.g. for integrating with some Docusign API). I recommend starting with TaskHive or ExpertHive in any case since it implements most of the essential service marketplace/booking features, this would be easier to customize than developing the whole platform from scratch.

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