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Integrate With WCFM,Dokan,WC Vendro etc.

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  • Vishan

    Why try reinventing the wheel when there are plugin already out there for marketplaces? After all this is one of the core strength of WordPress 1000’s of plugins.These marketplace plugins are well supported, just maybe expose your marketplace API to connect. Please make it easy for us to launch faster, i beg you.

    It will take years and a huge budget for you to do 10% of what they do now. This is the common mistake and trend of all WordPress micro jobs theme, they lack flexibility in revenue model etc and limited functionality due to no integration with Woocommorce except for nginthemes .

    For example these plugins:
    -(WCFM) have really good feature such as staff access to single vendor account.
    -Dokan QR code scanning ability help a lot with
    -Mobile app
    -Support system for vendor via awesome support plugin.
    These are just 15 % of the feature set the offer.

    Please your approach thus far seem to be going in the right direction, with doing a hybrid for Directory, Real Estate, Micro Jobs etc and optional revenue models(Brilliant!). It opens up wider market share for small population or niche . A clean simple interface with not too much clutter -less learning curve and easier on boarding. All makings of a good MVP but you need to open it up for incremental growth as well, and that’s where these marketplace plugin will help us.

    From my own experience these other solution lack or offer little to no support to non techies who will pay an SLA just for DevOps etc. You can charge for full end to end service on hosting services like cloudway etc. And please charge a bit more, this way we know your will survive for the long haul offering better support. I tried most of the micro jobs marketplace services out there, and they all lack proper support. You said the project is open source how can i help?

    Again please think about adding support for WCFM and advise whats on roadmap.



    So why settle for this theme/plugin if WCFM is so impressive?

    Yliya 14

    All of the above plugins have drawbacks. For example, I’ve tried all of them to create an exchange that trades digital goods. In Docan, for example, in general, adding a product takes place in two stages (I’ll call it that): first create, then just indicate which one it is, digital or ordinary. About. WCFM I generally keep silent better. There is a problem with translation in some places, and too much unnecessary functionality. If you love these plugins so much why buy this one? Use others! And yes, I, for example, am not ready to pay Docan 499 a year for the functionality they offer, which is essentially no different from the free version. Well, what are they there for money !? The chat was added and that’s it … In general, don’t like it. And in my opinion, no integrations are needed, since you can trust yourself with what is.

    ihor developer

    HivePress is not a marketplace plugin, it’s a “swiss knife” for building listing websites. Marketplace is just one of the available ways to monetize your listing site. By using different bundles of extensions you can create completely different sites with different ways of monetization, e.g.:

    Craigslist=HivePress+Geolocation+Paid Listings
    Yelp=HivePress+Geolocation+Reviews+Claim Listings

    The plugins you mentioned are crazy bloated and not suitable for integration, they have their own themes, extensions, API, etc. Also, Marketplace extension is not really suitable for physical products, it was developed for virtual products only (like bookings, services or digital downloads), so I try to keep it lightweight and scalable.

    The HivePress core (+7 extensions) is open-source, you can help by donating any amount via PayPal or purchasing any of the available extensions or themes. Also, you can contribute by translating HivePress


    @Valmes -its not about settling on one or the other, its about making Hive extendable as well. Also i had or have no intentions of being negative towards this project, just having a civil discussion. Please share your site if its live.

    @Yliya -its software/WordPress at some point any plugin can have its drawback. All comes down update cycle and general good DevOps practices. You mentioned chat messaging on dokan, on any marketplace platform messaging is key. Why because its good for retention(builds trust)and on the acquisition side they have QR codes integration. This may sound like bells and whistle types of features(bloat) but they are proven to increase retention and acquisition, activation etc.

    I’m not sure your background experience in building and iterating product, so ill leave it at that for now. I’m open to a healthy discussion as to why a feature or not and how we can validate it. Maybe a good feature for HivePress is for users to fund(on Patreon ) validated features that works best given their business model.

    Something to think about : why after 7 odd years Dokan and alike is still there? Why are they powering thousands of marketplaces though you mention of their price?
    Because some user look at price not value. For example, there is much value in proper documentation, update, and support etc. Which is why cheap never survives the long haul value does. And if we are to support this project meaningfully you have to pay a fair price for value when they provide good service or features. As a prospective client i would rather fund a feature which support a business model that is validated, that benefits HivePress with more paying customers because they’ll support it if there is revenue.

    @Ihor- i follow every bit of what you are saying, lightweight and scalable is key and its impossible for you to satisfy much less support every feature request. which is why you should have some integration strategy with a selected few of plugin vendors(eg: WCFM, Dokan). And they are really good ones out there with much traction and customer base. You’ll not only extend your theme but drive more traffic from their site to yours, more so when they already support other listing themes already.

    In addition a few of these marketplaces offer the ability to monetize vendor/team seats for managing customers request on front end with roles and capabilities on top of the their listing services. Can you make this happen independently via your own extension at what cost and time? Do you have a road map of features one can contribute to monetarily ?

    Please advise.

    ihor developer

    @Vishan Thanks for your suggestions, but this integration wouldn’t make any sense. If you like Dokan or WCFM, you can just select a Dokan-compatible theme you like, why would you need HivePress here?

    HivePress is a listing platform, Dokan or another marketplace platform would duplicate HivePress features and bloat the codebase even more (e.g. login/registration, search filters, reviews, messaging…) – this just doesn’t make any sense. If you need this because you like the HivePress design you can just select one of the compatible themes for Dokan or WCFM (I’m sure they have some themes with minimalist design).

    The purpose of Marketplace extension is just adding a “Buy Now” functionality to HivePress listings (+calculating vendor commissions and processing payouts), if you need advanced marketplace features for physical products (to build an Amazon-like marketplace) then you should use something like Dokan + their themes and extensions.


    Do you have a demo front and back-end with the marketplace add-on?. Because I’m logged into HiveTask front-end demo and i don’t see any marketplace feature. To answer your question, one core benefit is that it limits digital or service type offering not product. One core benefit of the other marketplace is ability for staff to manage store on vendor level.

    Instead, is it possible to integrate other woo-commerce plugins that supports the features I mentioned?

    Please advise.


    ihor developer

    You can sign in with demo/demo – you’ll see a vendor dashboard and 1 listing, but there are no orders and payouts for this account yet. Thanks, I’ll consider integrating it with other WooCommerce extensions, this would not add complexity because HivePress already relies on WooCommerce for payment features.


    Thanks!..Can you say what new extensions you are hoping to add in the near future?


    I am also a user of Brizy and would love to see integration with that, but being realistic I won’t suggest any path for Ihor to take, since I think he has it already layed out and hopefully his vision of the future for this plugin/theme is right!
    PS: @Vishan – can’t show my site yet. It’s not ready. Will do when its done.


    PS: Btw, Brizy team keeps roadmap/suggestions/requested features in an open Trello board,,, its good to know what to expect… just had to mention that 😉

    Yliya 14

    Vishan@ I probably translated badly from Russian into English. At the expense of messages, I meant that this is by itself a standard function, which, as it seems to me, should be free, as for example in wcfm. I tried both Dokan and Dokan businesses, they are not much different from each other. So you can work quite well with the light version. And also your phrase: “I think that you have no experience in integration” probably you said so, because I am a woman 😀 !?

    ihor developer

    @Vishan The next one will be HivePress Requests, which will allow users to post requests (with a budget) and vendors will be able to make offers (with bids). It’ll work like the same feature on UpWork or Fiverr. I’m also working on a few themes, the HivePress core is pretty stable now and I’ll release a new theme every 1-2 months (for each HivePress use-case).

    I’m closing this topic, if you have pre-purchase questions about TaskHive please contact me via email or via chat on the TaskHive page.

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