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Home Support Extensions Reviews Is it possible to add somehow an option of reply to the ratings?

Is it possible to add somehow an option of reply to the ratings?

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  • shenei

    I’m using the reviews as a comment section. So, i would like to know if it’s possible to add somehow an option of replying (like, a person make a comment and the announcer have the possibility to reply this specific comment)?

    ihor developer

    There’s no such feature yet, but it’s already suggested


    Any news about the ability to reply on ratings?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no ETA for this feature yet.


    it doesn’t feel like something very big in human work hours, how much would it cost to make it happen?

    ihor developer

    Yes, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours – please send the requirements to for estimation.


    the requirement is for listing owners to be able to reply to listing reviews.
    please name a price here, so we can donate that price and you can make that update public.
    thanks 🙂

    ihor developer

    There are always some details:

    – restricting replies to the listing author only?
    – allowing a conversation or just a single reply?
    – should replies be moderated?

    Sorry, there’s no donation option for this, you can request a quote for implementing this on your site and allow (or not) to add this to the Reviews extension by default. For example, there were no donations in the last month and there are zero Patreon subscribers so far, so we don’t rely on donations anymore.

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