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Is it possible to change google maps to openstreetmap?

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  • inzerat

    code snippet for change? Google maps is paid service… I think it would be better to have open street maps for more versatility of the plugin


    ihor developer

    There’s still no reliable geocoding web service for OSM (with autocomplete) https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/31809/auto-complete-address-using-web-service The suggest this one https://photon.komoot.io/ but it’s not reliable and it’s not the official OSM API.

    I noticed other directory plugins/themes use Mapbox, it’s cheaper than Google Maps and I’ll consider adding it, but there’s no free alternative atm. You can also set daily limits for Google Maps and never exceed the free $200 monthly limit (I set these on the demo site).

    ihor developer

    It’s not free, just cheaper with a higher daily limit https://locationiq.com/pricing This is a web service behind Leaflet where you have to get the API key.


    Yes. I found it later, a few minutes after I have sent the links… (my own posts are not editable here and I can’t delete them), but still I think for some people – lack of “autocomplete” with otherwise free map service could be a good option as opposed to ever growing prices of google maps. They now offer 90 days trial period with a credit of 300$ and no where it says that you will get more “credit” to use it beyond those 90 days!
    Most of the projects start out as a small “trials” or “proof of concept”, I personally don’t feel safe giving my billing details to google and hoping that usage of their maps on my site will stay under the limits… I didn’t find any option to restrict the usage to stay safe under the limit. Well, I might have overlooked it or even over emphasising the problem in the first place… still – free is free! 😉



    The free API is not the right fit for everyone. There are several requirements you must meet:

      1. All data received from the API must be displayed on the map with the Yandex logo visible. You can’t change the data or store it.
      2. The map must be used for a website or application that is freely accessible, meaning anyone can see it without paying to register or getting special rights. For instance, the map can’t be used on a company’s intranet or on a website that is accessible only by invitation.
      3. The API must not be used for tracking vehicles or mobile employees.
      4. If you plan to use the JavaScript API and Geocoder HTTP API, you must send fewer than 25,000 requests per day, or 500 requests per day for the Places API. What counts as a request

    Again scrap that option too… they have changed it to 1000 request per day as of 1 Nov 2020…
    1 000 and 25 000…

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll check these options.


    This is totaly free: https://api.mapy.cz/


    I would love a free map alternative to Google Maps! 🙂


    I support the idea of adding alternative maps. Google maps are paid and quite expensive, and besides, it’s a whole problem to get an API key. I’ve been trying to register a billing account for a week now, but I still haven’t succeeded. I filled in all the data, sent a photo of the card, every time they demand something new, but the account has not been unblocked!


    Hi There. Im also waiting and supporting the idea of adding another option to Google Maps, even when they may not be as complete as them. I enjoyed so far the theme. It is a great one, and great work behind. But having an option to Google Maps is great mostly for those projects that are starting. Right now as some people said is becoming more complicated to receive approval from Google and not clear about the credits and pricing after the trial ends. Bringing some options also gives them some fair competition allowing people to develop lower costs real life projects. It is better to spend money on theme plugins and extra features. Anyways great job there.

    ihor developer

    @luchov Thanks! If you have a moment you can support us by rating ListingHive on WP.org https://wordpress.org/support/theme/listinghive/reviews/

    I plan to add some alternatives to Google Maps (e.g. Mapbox or Leaflet) to the future versions of Geolocation.


    Hello, yes that would be wonderful to have an alternative to google maps!

    Thank you for your consideration HivePress team.


    a free option would be excellent


    Yes! Looking forward to see a free or cheaper alternative to Google Maps API. It’s pretty incredible how much Google raised prices. Please keep us posted. I don’t really need exact address latitude & longitude coordinates for my project, really just a postal code region would suffice as I don’t want to show exact address locations for listings.

    ihor developer

    Sorry, this feature is still on the roadmap but it will be implemented for sure. I selected Leaflet as an alternative, seems to be a reliable yet cheap geolocation platform.


    There’s a plugin I tried that has an option for mapbox/openstreetmaps combo. All that’s required is to create a free mapbox acct and enter the public access token that they provide in the account. It’s free, easy and works pretty well for auto-complete locations. Although, since mapbox is a pay as you go service I’m guessing that at some point when quota is reached they begin billing $X/1000 map loads but not sure. But at least the mapbox/osm option is very easy and free to implement for the average plugin users. Maybe check out the free plugin code and get some ideas. It’s called “web directory free” you can find it on wordpress.org plugins. Sorry, I’m not trying to promote another plugin, just want to refer to the example so you can see.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, I’ll check this plugin. It’s possible to implement Mapbox/OSM, and this feature is on the roadmap – it’s just a matter of time (we’re a small team at the moment, but plan to hire more developers within the following months).

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