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Is there a minimum per category for listings to appear?

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    Okay I set everything up perfectly and all was ready to go online.
    I deleted all listings and users to start fresh.
    I added 1 listing through the eyes of a consumer. it added it correctly but it’s not appearing in the front-end. So I was curious whats going on .. I manually added a listing in the same catgory and BOTH appeared now in the results when searching. If I remove the dummy listing .. once again there is NO listing.

    My question does this have a minimum requirement to appear listings ?? does it need a min of 2 ?
    If so how can i change that to just 1 ..


    After more testing it seems that whatever is submitted by the front end is having issues.
    It will submit it and it’s showing in the backend.
    But doesn’t appear in listings. The only way it will appear is when I add another listing from admin.
    But the problem doesn’t stop there. If I do search of attributes it won’t show any enabled for the front end listing will only show the back end.

    So the only thing I tried new today was a plugin to translate words. I changed several words for submit and add .. maybe this causes the issue.
    So I went to my yesterday backup and lots all my work from today .. grrr. However when doing this my translations are still showing and I’m still having issues with frontend submissions appearing properly.

    I’m confused at this point what to do, does anyone know what can causing this ? Or how to bring the translations back to original without loosing all my other work.


    You can close this thread, I went back to an earlier backup.
    Not sure how the problem got created.
    All good for now.


    There’s a known bug with the featured listings, if there’re only featured listings on a page then there’re no results displayed, maybe the first listing was featured?


    yes I think that was it, it was a featured

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