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Is there a way to display different attributes in one line?

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  • valmes

    In “Format” we can currently display %icon% %label% and %value% along with some html… but is it possible to display other value of a different attribute within a listing?

    For example:
    Format: %value(year)% %value(make)% %value(model)%


    It’s not possible yet, but this feature is on the roadmap. At the moment only 3 tokens are available, also you can add listing details with a custom code snippet


    Ok. Thanks.

    PS: Btw do you have an ETA on the next update or is it published somewhere?


    I plan to update HivePress within 2-3 weeks.


    Great! Thanx!


    Well its kind of possible with your (auto title) snippet, but you have to have exact fields in each category, otherwise it could give you headaches! 😀

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