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Is this possible with HivePress?

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    I’m thinking about using HivePress. Is this possible?

    3 tiers of listings:
    1. Basic listing: 1 photo, hours, contact info
    2. Premium users: 10 photos, menu/price list, reviews, replies to reviews
    3. Platinum: Featured post (banner)

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    I forgot to add: I will be using Elementor Pro and buying extensions as needed.



    You can charge users for making listings featured and limiting the number of listings (via selling different packages, e.g. for 1 listing, 10 listings and so on). At the moment it’s not possible to limit the listing fields depending on the purchased package.


    Can I code those features on my own?


    Sure, if you’re familiar with PHP you can add any features, HivePress API is pretty powerful and you can filter the listing form fields based on some custom conditions.

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