Issue with the filter?

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  • darossi

    I have listing categories (for example) as follows:

    Food & Drink

    Assume I have one listing each in Fruit, Meat, Dogs and Cats (4 listings total) in roughly the same location.

    If I leave keywords blank and search the location and I get all four results as expected.

    In the filter, If I click ‘Food & Drink’ and filter, then it narrows down to two results.

    If I then filter to show ‘Meat’ for example, rather than show just the 1 expected result, it shows only a blank page.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!


    If possible send a link to your site and I’ll check this issue.


    Is there an email address I can send this to? Thanks


    I’ve actually resolved this now. It seems that if you have the “Display Subcategories” checks on a sub-category, then the listings in that sub-category don’t show up. In other words, the “Display Subcategories” should only be checked on a Parent Category.


    Thanks for letting me know. Yes, this option should be enabled only if you want to enforce users to select a child category before viewing listings.

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