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It was working now it is not

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  • jorai

    The geolocation API was working fine all of a sudden it shows “oops, something went wrong”
    Know why?
    Also, I have a listing that does not require location. How can I disable that the user is asks to enter location for the listing details when adding the listing?
    Thanks in advance.

    ihor developer

    Please check the browser console or send a link to your site and I’ll check it, Google prints the error details there. There’s no way to disable geolocation for selected listings at the moment, but it seems like a nice feature for an update, thanks.


    Yes. There is no need for my listing to have location, it is a service and the “vendor” already has the location of the business in it. The vendor adds services and it shows who the vendor is, no need to ask for such extra step as a requirement. :-/


    By the way, there is no geolocation in the vendor search block

    ihor developer

    I understand, but there’s no such feature yet, extensions mostly add new options to listings, vendor search was added recently and it doesn’t have the same features as listing search.

    ihor developer

    As you can see there’s also no location field in the vendor profile form, but this feature is on the roadmap, I understand that if vendor has the same location for all listings there’s no need to set it every time.


    Thank you. Yes, the vendor should be a listing-like. What I will have to do now is hide the vendor option and just use a common listing for the vendor (another thing is that vendor do not have “claim”). However, I still have listings that do not need address, they are services of the vendor.
    Looking forward to the updates. Thanks for a great, friendly, extremely easy to use plugin.

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