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    When i download your theme and plugins … Jet pack loaded up

    Do I need it or can i remove the plugin

    I don’t want to cause problems with your plugin/theme

    ihor developer

    Our theme and plugins don’t recommend nor install the JetPack plugin, I guess it was installed by WooCommerce (it recommends JetPack during the installation). Please consider removing this plugin, if you don’t need it I recommend using another caching plugin (e.g. Litespeed).


    I contacted woocommerce – it is needed for their plugin. So I can not remove it (incase anyone else reads this)

    I have Litespeed

    I have moved my site to a new server – Lets hope it improves speed

    ihor developer

    It’s required for a few APIs (e.g. automated taxes), but you can disable the JetPack caching if you have another caching plugin. Please make sure that Litespeed is set up as described here https://hivepress.io/blog/speed-up-a-directory-or-marketplace-website/

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