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JobHive as a local directory theme

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  • DaRk0

    Hello dears,

    I’m in the process of deciding which solution to use for directory listing and HivePress looks like the most viable solution together with JobHive theme since the design is most appropriate for what I’m going for.

    I assume JobHive can be used for directory website as well? Theme would just provide the styling and extensions would provide functionalities I’m going for. This would be my understanding.

    I’m looking to develop a local listing where businesses would be able to submit their business for free with basic information and for a fee with extended information as well as claim already listed business for a fee.
    I’m also looking to implement reviews and possibly messages.

    Would JobHive be suitable for this kind of directory?


    serhii developer

    You can create a directory website using HivePress with its directory theme – ListingHive and add some extensions to get the necessary functionality. However, if you prefer the JobHive design, you can launch a directory website with JobHive+HivePress as well. But keep in mind that JobHive is a job board theme, so you’ll probably want to have some customizations like changing static texts of the buttons and so on.

    Concerning the other features:
    With the Claim Listings extension, you’ll be able to charge businesses for claiming listings.
    With the Messages extension, you can let users send private messages.
    With the Reviews extensions, you may allow users to rate and review listings.
    With the Paid Listings extension, you’ll be able to create different listing packages and sell them.

    ihor developer


    Sure, if you like the JobHive design you can use it as a business directory, there are no restrictions. Please note that JobHive has some job board specific changes by default, for example it renames listings to jobs, vendors to companies, etc. You can rename these back via Loco Translate.

    Also, there’s no attribute limit feature at the moment, you can charge users for adding listings, making them featured or for the extended expiration period, but it’s not possible to limit the listing fields yet (e.g. allow setting more listing details for a fee).

    You can also consider starting with ListingHive (it’s our general-purpose directory theme) and customize its design via CSS.


    Thanks for replies, guys. Much appreciated.


    I would need to translate the whole theme since it will be a non-english directory.

    Any timeline on when attribute limitation for free and paid could be deployed?
    I’m thinking way around this would be for us to list the businesses with basic info, leave the rest empty and allow businesses to claim and start paying monthly fee. Does that makes sense?

    I might try with the ListingHive however I’m not so proficient with CSS to be honest.:)


    ihor developer

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Please try using Loco Translate for translation (whether it’s ListingHive or JobHive) Some strings may be already translated (there are 10+ languages available, you can also contribute by sharing your translation).
    There’s no ETA for the paid attributes feature yet, please try using the existing Paid Listings and Claim Listings functionality for monetization, we’ll try to improve these and add more features with every update.

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