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    1 . Can i have a custom content on the submit form?

    I want to separate the personal details area from the other listing details

    2. How is the Order in attributes and areas work?

    3.How can i change the place holder images when no image is uploaded?


    1. Please check this topic

    2. The lower number has a higher priority, e.g. an attribute with Order set to 1 will be displayed the first, 2 the second, etc.

    3. It’s possible only via overriding the template parts.


    yes, i was able to do this, but it doesn’t let me do it in between the attributes

    after title and description, i have set some fields to fill and then and different section starts for personal details. I want to set a custom title in between the fields


    It should be possible with a custom code snippet since attributes are also added with a custom “_order” set to “100+*order you set for an attribute*”. The description field has it set to 200 by default.


    i tried to add the order, but either it will go on top of the page or bottom.


    Sorry, but I can only provide general guidance, I can’t help with customizations. If you use the “hivepress/v1/forms/…” filter and override the “_order” for some field then it should work (attributes have orders in range 100-200).

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