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Lazyload for listings in alternative to pagination

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  • joseantonio

    Hello Ihor and friends… thanks for this awesome extension.
    Can anybody suggest a third party plugin for a lazyload of the listings list in alternative to the pagination?
    Sorry for my english…
    I mean, the original template ask us the limit items per page… but I wanted to substitute this pagination for a lazyload list… so that the user has all the results in a unique page. And a plugin third party such as a lazyload would be very good because then the load time of the page wouldnt be so downgraded.
    Thanks for your help.


    Maybe the name of this is infinite scroll? So… if you know a good plugin for this, please tell me. Huge Thanks!!


    I would love that too! Great idea.


    Thanks, I’ll consider implementing the infinite scroll for listings. If you mean lazy-loading listing images this feature will be available in the next WordPress update.


    Anyway, for anyone who is interested in a third party, I managed doing that with the Load More Anyting plugin!!

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