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Lifetime license / pay every year for the extension?

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  • Pau N


    i recieved a mail that i’m going to be charged again (Second year) automatically for the Membership extension, in the description of the extension says that’s a lifetime license, i didn’t think that we would have to pay every year and also didn’t know that you kept my credit card information for automatic payments.

    Please i need assistance because i don’t want to pay again and also i want to delete my credit card information from your system.


    ihor developer

    Sorry for the inconvenience, There was a time when all themes/extensions were available as subscriptions (the price was displayed as $123 / year), I guess you purchased Memberships then.

    Now there are one-time payments for any theme/extension. We don’t store any credit card info, all payments are processed and managed by Paddle Please cancel your subscription, or send the order details via email and I’ll cancel it for you. You can also contact Paddle support if you have any concerns about your payment info.


    Hey Ihor – I also have a question about annual upgrades and the “Paddle” piece of payment processing. (not a huge fan of Paddle)

    Initially, if I recall – the themes/extensions were a one time purchase – and not subject to annual renewals/installation limitations, etc. (I believe that was the case, although I don’t remember paying that close attention, so i’m happy to be wrong if so)

    You had actually sent me a free copy of Taskhive and it’s related extensions last summer around this time (for review purposes) – but I don’t see that in my Paddle account – (I may have used a different email address for Paddle purchases last summer) – nor do I see the Experthive theme which I purchased on release – within my Paddle account.

    (I tried to check another business email account we use but Paddle “locks you out” temporarily if you try to login with different email addresses pretty quickly – a fairly annoying policy, as no doubt, many people have multiple products – stored across multiple accounts – predicated on the email we used when purchasing a product from a vendor who processes with Paddle)

    My question is – I also don’t want Paddle automatically charging me for updates – or storing my CC info for forced continuity purchases – I didn’t think I was agreeing to that on any Hivepress transaction, and considering they are making it difficult to login and check multiple email addresses – nor displaying my purchased files within my current account – I can see how a negative experience with Paddle will bleed over to a negative experience with Hivepress by extension. (no pun intended 🙂

    Could you advise? (we’re not using Taskhive in particular – we are using Experthive – but Taskhive feels like it was released about a year ago, and want to make sure there are no CC charges pushed through by Paddle – that are unexpected)

    Thanks 🙂


    ihor developer

    Hi Ian,
    If you purchased ExpertHive then it’s a one-time payment for sure, we switched from the subscription model about a year ago (late summer 2020). Also, if there’s a subscription you’ll get at least 2 emails (14 and 7 days in advance), and even if there’s a charge you can ask for a refund via email About TaskHive – you can search for the “Thanks for your purchase” email from HivePress, if there’s no email then it was a ZIP file sent manually and there’s no Paddle transaction.

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