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    Hi! Is it possible to limit free submissions? For example:

    Images allowed: Free: 1. Paid: Unlimited
    Telephone: Free: Not showing. Paid: shows
    Website: Free: Not showing. Paid: shows



    1. It’s possible to limit the number of listings and expiration period (in the package settings), there’re no other limitations in the current version. I got a few requests for limiting the images so this will most likely be implemented.

    2. You may want to charge users for viewing listing details or using features like messaging, it’s possible with the Memberships extension


    Thanks for your reply ihor, and your awesome work.

    It would have been awesome to have number 2 but for vendors instead. E.g. Charging vendors to have their website listed, have opening hours listed, multiplate images etc.


    Thanks, these features are already on the roadmap, I just wanted to find the best way to implement this without adding a separate “enable/disable” option for each attribute.

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