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Limit per account question and problem

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    My question first:
    I see in packages we can select Listing Limit for that package, what I did was select just “1”
    Now does this mean the following
    -That user can only select that package ONCE and receive only 1 listing and not be able to use that package again.
    -That means the user can list only listing per that package, and they still can order the same package but once again be limited to just 1 listing.

    The reason I ask, what I want is the user to be able to submit as much as they want but only be allowed to 1 submit listing per package, but once again purchase the same package over and over.

    Lastly my problem everything I set to 1 and now I have two listings that need to be moved to another user name through the claim. But it successfully moved one and it appears in that users around, but for the second one, it remains as admin. On the claim folder, it shows the new user but in the listing and on the site it still shows the admin. What setting is causing this or is it a bug?



    1. It’s this one for paid packages:

    -That means the user can list only listing per that package, and they still can order the same package but once again be limited to just 1 listing.

    Free packages (without linked WooCommerce products) can be used only once, otherwise users would be able to submit unlimited listings for free if there’s at least one free package.

    2. I guess there’s some sync issue since vendors and users are separate entities in WP database, please edit this listing and change the listing author in the drop-down list.


    Hi concerning

    1. When a user tries to submit another listing under the same, it says Limit has been reached.

    2, I tried that in the drop-down is only showing admin. It doesn’t show any other registered members.


    I also just noticed the listing that successfully transferred from author to user it showing correctly in the listing page however when I use the filter or search on that category it doesn’t appear!
    The other listing that stayed with admin and was unsuccessful to transfer and remains as admin works perfectly.


    it was a bug , i manually re-enter the location address and saved. Now its working.
    So this is maybe something u should look into


    1. Maybe this package was initially free? This message should appear only if this package was free on the first selection.

    2. Please try changing user role to “Contributor” in WordPress/Users section, then this user will appear in the list.

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