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link between items and vendor

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  • Albert

    Directory website on ListingHive theme

    I need to upload a plenty of items that are associated with a specific vendor.
    I created each vendor separately, but I can’t link them, because automatically all items are assigned a user under which I registered. I do not know what to do, I use plugin WP all import.

    When importing, I create a custom field name “vendor” and assigned the name’s vendor there, but according to the result, my login as the author is still inserted.

    P.S. If you make an import extension which is very much needed for directory sites it would be great.

    yevhen developer

    If you already use WP All Import please try linking vendors as “parent” posts of listings (via the post_parent field). It’s also better if both the vendor profile and the listing have the same user set as author.


    Many thanks.

    Unfortunately I can’t find the post_parent field. Where it is located? Could you write more detail how to do it.
    I’ve been struggling with this for a week now, but it won’t work. I will be grateful for your help

    ihor developer

    It’s the standard database column for any custom post types in WordPress (it’s set in wp_posts) table https://codex.wordpress.org/Database_Description Please check if WP All Import has some option for mapping the imported column values to this database column. Since listings are implemented as a custom post type “hp_listing”, vendor ID is stored in “post_parent” column.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re also working on the HivePress-specific Import extension and will try to release it as soon as possible.


    Thank you.

    Looking forward to HivePress-specific Import extension. This is very important for creating directory sites. Better to buy from you than pay for other plugins.


    Unfortunately, WP All Import does not allow all fields to match a product with a specific supplier. The “post parent” column is not displayed. Tried to create it as a custom field but it didn’t work.


    Interestingly I’m in need for a similar feature: Lettings someone post a new item on behalf of someone else, or create a placeholder vendor if they don’t exist yet. I may look in to how WP All Import does some of this.

    ihor developer

    @Albert They should have some mapping option for it, it’s a standard WordPress post field. Please try contacting their support and ask how to set a parent post for imported posts.

    Yes, this may be possible with WP All Import, a few users reported on the forum that WP All Import works for importing listings, but can’t say for sure what details they tried to import.


    Hi Ihor

    Thank you. I tray contacting WP All import support.

    Can you tell, when your HivePress import extension will be ready?

    ihor developer

    We plan to release it within 2-3 weeks max. Please let me know if some specific features are required for your site, e.g, linking the imported listings to existing vendors or creating vendors automatically.

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