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Link translation, AMP version, Menu and Images

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    Hello, Thanks and Congratulations on the theme, plugin and extensions. I installed it recently and I’m really enjoying it.

    I have some questions, please, can you help me?

    1. I have already translated the plugin, theme and extensions, but the site links have not been translated (www.MyDomain/TranslateLinks/), how to do this translation?

    2. What is the best way to use HivePress with AMP for automatic? I installed the AMP plugin, gave up some HivePress extensions, but still had some errors in the AMP version of the site.

    3. How to make Fixed Menu? And how to keep the term “+ Add Listing” fixed in the mobile version?

    4. Is there a standard size guide for all theme and plugin images?

    5. In the back-end, how to view (and manage) exactly what images were added by the user in the front-end?



    1. It depends on what links you want to change, for example, the “listing” slug can be changed using this code snippet

    2. I haven’t tested it with AMP, if there’re some errors please post them here and I’ll check if it’s possible to fix them.

    3. This would require CSS customizations.

    4. Please check the image sizes registered by HivePress here

    5. If you click “Add Media” button above the listing description editor, and then select “Uploaded to this post”, you can re-order and add/remove listing images in the same way as on the front-end.


    Hello, Thanks!

    1. I want to change all links, translate them into Brazilian Portuguese, as I believe that links in another language will harm my website in SEO. Did the code work only for the slug starting with “listing”, how to translate all slugs?

    2. AMP errors:
    2.1 Header menu: My account and + Add ad, links do not work.
    2.2 Mobile version: menu icon does not open options.
    2.3 Floating windows, such as the user registry, do not work.
    2.4 Search bar does not display results.
    2.5 It is not possible to log in.
    2.6 Ratings, Messages and Favorites extensions do not work.


    1. Please consider changing only front-end URL slugs because there are a lot of them. For example, you can change the listing category slug using this code snippet

    2. Thanks, I’ll test this plugin with HivePress. For now, please try using some caching plugin instead, minifying CSS & JS, etc. to increase the site speed.

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