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List of available endpoints/slugs; Filter/keyword search

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  • ralphnohe

    hello Ihor,

    I have two more questions regarding the HivePress plugin:

    1) which other slugs/endpoints like “submit-listing” are available, if one uses only the HivePress plugin but not one of your templates? Is there a list of such slugs available somewhere?

    2) How can I add a keyword filter/search on top of the listings page, as shown in your demo here:


    ihor developer

    1. This list depends on the installed extensions, the easiest way is adding a filter for hivepress/v1/routes hook and var_dump() the accepted argument $routes, there will be the output with all the available routes. Here’s a sample code snippet
    2. It should be there by default, please make sure that this page is set as the Listings page in HivePress/Settings/Listings section.


    hi Ihor,

    1) Endpoints / slugs:
    I cannot make the code produce anything, isn’t there something like a list of all such end-point available, if one uses the basis plugin and the paid listings add-on? That would be really helpful.

    2) Search field / filter:
    I made the filter row appear, and added two test listings, one with the line “this is a music test” (in the category “music”) and one with “this is an art test” (in the category “art”) in the description.
    Now, when I search for “music” in the search field on top of the overall listings page, I see both categories as a result. I would expect to see the music listing as the only result. So the keyword search doesn’t appear to work.

    I’m happy to provide a URL, please let me know. Thanks!

    ihor developer

    1. This is the easiest way, if you’re familiar with PHP please try to var_dump the filtered value for the hivepress/v1/routes hook. You can also check the routes in the source code

    2. Please make sure that Display Categories option is not checked in HivePress/Settings/Listings section. HivePress relies on the built-in WP keyword search, if there’s no “music” word in the listing title, description and other fields then it shouldn’t be found.


    Thank you very much Ihor, point 1) is very helpful and point 2) is working now (the display categories option was checked).
    Best regards, I very much appreciate your help.

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