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List Service does not work properly

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    I am using ExpertHive on my WordPress. First, I am able to register as a new user, however, when I click on the “List a Service” button and I insert all of the necessary information and click on “Save Changes” it doesn’t appear to save. Nothing happens but what appears to be a new blank form for me to fill out again. It also won’t allow me to fill out another “List a Service” and requires me to log out first, then log back in to be able to list another service. Even when I go to my settings, it is blank, however, if I log out, then log back in and choose any category under my settings, my listings are there.
    To summarize, the problems are:

    1) “Complete Profile” under “List a Service” gets stuck and doesn’t appear to save
    2) Page details also get stuck without any indication of saving
    3) It is possible to add only one service at a time

    You can test our website here:

    Let me know if you can help me understand what is happening.

    Thank you,

    ihor developer

    This seems like a caching issue, please try disabling third-party plugins and check if this issue persists. If you’re using a caching plugin like Litespeed Cache please disable cache for logged-in users and REST API in the Cache settings. You can also send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this for you.

    Thank you so much, Ihor! It worked now! Have a great day!

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