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    I would love the ability to set the default search results to a list view similar to this site: https://www.productionhub.com/directory/profiles/broadcast-professional-camera-manufacturers

    This would be as opposed to the grid of listing ‘cards’ we have currently. I would also love to have control over the formatting of the listings in this list. For example, turning off thumbnail images in search results for free listings and having them for featured listings.

    Related to this feature is the ability to easily customize these cards or list items. It would be nice to show or not show certain bits of information. Again, this could be conditional on if a listing is featured or not so you can really highlight the listings that are paid.

    Thanks! Very happy with everything thus far for our site, https://myhoneycrate.com/

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions, I’m working on a few themes with the different listing layouts and design (the next one will be a job board theme with horizontal listings). I also plan to integrate the block editor with HivePress layouts to avoid adding a “Show/hide” checkbox for each template part.


    Sorry to get in like this, but…

    … although Listview is a good thing to have – depending fields(lists) is something that has to be (must be) in a directory/classifieds script(!) and since you have mentioned you are working on a new themes/features – please consider adding support for showing/selecting dependant options (child/parent option, that already exist in backend, but there is no frontend support)!

    PS: Make/Models, City/Region, as few examples.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll consider adding this feature.


    Have the option to shift to “List View” from the current “card view” would be incredibly valuable.

    ihor developer

    I plan to implement different layouts via themes, at the moment I’m working on a job board theme with the list layout for listings (instead of the grid one).


    Do you have a snippet code for List view and so as to toggle between grid and list view. And can the JobHive theme be used for Task /micro-job site as well? Please advise.


    ihor developer

    There’s no simple code snippet for this – it requires CSS customizations and some script for a toggle. Please consider using JobHive theme or hiring someone via Fiverr to make listings horizontal via CSS customizations.

    The difference between TaskHive and JobHive is that each theme already bundles the required extensions (so the Marketplace is included with TaskHive, but not with JobHive – it includes Memberships).


    1. What if I’m able to generate my own CSS using UI design tools like Figma. Would this be enough for the changes needed, and for adding as snippet code? Or does it need to be wrapped in with the PHP code?

    2. If not, and I threaten to purchase the other themes/add-ons, Patreon, would you be willing to capture code/send the needed for adding into child or snippet?LOL!

    Or it’s not that simple?

    Then you’ll accuse me of bribery, whichever way you are deserving of it. Keep up the good work and I wish Hive massive success for 2021!


    ihor developer

    1. It should be applied to HivePress CSS classes. If you generate a third-party layout from scratch this would require creating a new template and integrating HivePress with it.

    2. If you mean using JobHive code for other theme (e.g. ListingHive) to make listing horizontal it’s possible, but if you purchase JobHive it’s easier to just use JobHive (it’s also minimalistic as ListingHive, and has some extra features like sliders, category icons etc).

    Thanks for the kind words!


    No..Thank You! Attitudinal approach to product will eventually make it good or bad, yours my friend is on track for massive success with this theme. That said, I’m looking for ways to contribute whichever way i can, monetarily, code, or growth/ marketing. But there are a few thing in the way:

    -I was hoping the Patreon packages would be more focused towards growth/feature.
    -Secondly hiring a coder and them delivering on Fiverr is a hit and miss process; the vetting process, testing, ops etc. Think of it, some of these problems you’re already solving and can be extended with the same effort or less while funding the project as well.

    I know you have so much on your plate now so I’ll leave it a that. When you have time email me if you wish to discuss further.

    ihor developer

    – Patreon doesn’t seem to be effective, I guess it’s suitable for content creators only. We’ll focus on premium themes & extensions, this is the only way to fund the development of the core features. Also, sometimes there are donations via PayPal.

    – Thanks, I’m actually considering this, but currently I’m busy updating HivePress & developing new themes, I plan to hire someone so I’ll be able to make sure that any customizations match the HivePress structure and API.


    It can work depending on how packages are setup, i will put an idea together if that’s OK? via email. Also their is framework which I used few years ago(still do) for product, it help to analyze based on feedback loop, data/marketing etc and give structure to startup product cycle. Especially in software product/scenarios like this one, maybe you are doing that already-just saying.

    Long story short, its how popular startups, incubators, and angels and companies eg, PayPal, Facebook, AirB&B thrive with during growth stage to reached critical mass and onward. You can apply the same, if your are not doing it already. Let me know, i have some time to help, but its up to you-think of it as open source too.

    I know this not your first rodeo, but you seem willing to listen to everyone on here-provide solutions, and have a passion for what you do. I’m willing to share as well, whatever little experience i have to make this project last, like everyone else on here. You have a product people starting to love and with that, sometimes you get caught up ‘working in’ more than ‘working on a project’, it happens.

    Let me know if you want my take, on possibly getting Patreon page going. There are other WordPress projects on there that’s doing ok as well. Do a search for wordpress you’ll see.

    ihor developer

    Thanks a ton for your feedback, really appreciate it, but I’ll focus on premium themes & extensions for now, this way I’ll be able to hire someone to boost the HivePress development as soon as possible.


    Sounds good. I saw in forum you mentioned of a new add-on possibly release in few weeks. I may purchase that as well, so keep them coming and keep up the good work.

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