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    I would love the ability to set the default search results to a list view similar to this site: https://www.productionhub.com/directory/profiles/broadcast-professional-camera-manufacturers

    This would be as opposed to the grid of listing ‘cards’ we have currently. I would also love to have control over the formatting of the listings in this list. For example, turning off thumbnail images in search results for free listings and having them for featured listings.

    Related to this feature is the ability to easily customize these cards or list items. It would be nice to show or not show certain bits of information. Again, this could be conditional on if a listing is featured or not so you can really highlight the listings that are paid.

    Thanks! Very happy with everything thus far for our site, https://myhoneycrate.com/


    Thanks for your suggestions, I’m working on a few themes with the different listing layouts and design (the next one will be a job board theme with horizontal listings). I also plan to integrate the block editor with HivePress layouts to avoid adding a “Show/hide” checkbox for each template part.


    Sorry to get in like this, but…

    … although Listview is a good thing to have – depending fields(lists) is something that has to be (must be) in a directory/classifieds script(!) and since you have mentioned you are working on a new themes/features – please consider adding support for showing/selecting dependant options (child/parent option, that already exist in backend, but there is no frontend support)!

    PS: Make/Models, City/Region, as few examples.


    Thanks, I’ll consider adding this feature.


    Have the option to shift to “List View” from the current “card view” would be incredibly valuable.


    I plan to implement different layouts via themes, at the moment I’m working on a job board theme with the list layout for listings (instead of the grid one).

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