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    I have a listing block on my front page set to display three columns and three listings. This is also set to show only featured listings in a random order. I take it to mean that every time the page is refreshed new listings should show if of course there are more than three featured Listings.

    I started out with about ten featured demo listings and everything seemed to be work as expected. I then imported about 37 additional featured listings. These listing are clearly ticked as featured but they do not show in the listing block when set to show only featured. They will show if I uncheck featured.

    Any idea on what the problem might be? I’ve checked in different bowsers, logged in and out and clearing any cookies. I removed the block and added it again, no luck. Problem seems to be persistent. Thank you.


    It seems that if I untick featured-update-retick featured-update the listing shows as expected. Wondering if the status field maps to featured date? I did map that field on import but they were empty check boxes. Maybe that caused the issue? Next import I will not map that field and see what happens.


    This may be a caching issue, HivePress caches listing IDs and this cache is refreshed only if you change something in the block settings (or add/edit some listing manually).

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