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Listing category text word wrap not enabled

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    First of all! I LOVE your plugin! Thank you for all the hard work you put in it!

    1. I’m using the listings categories block in Gutenberg with 4 columns. One of my categories are “Abcdefghijklmnopqrstu” long. When browsing the page you only see “Abcdefghijklmnopq”. I think some kind of a word wrap enabled here should fix it.

    2. I’m having an attribute (field type Select) that I’m displaying (%value%) in block (secondary). The option word wraps before it really needs to. So it’s a lot of dead space after 1-2 words and than it switches to the next row. I think maybe word wrap shouldn’t be enabled here after x amount of letters but rather when the text comes to the end of the block?

    With best regards,



    Thanks! There’s no way to break text at some specific number of words, but you can use this temporary fix for listing categories:

    .hp-listing-category–view-block .listing_category__name,
    .hp-listing-category–view-block .listing-category__name {word-break:break-word}

    Thanks for the fix but it doesn’t work. Here is two images that explains what I mean. With best regards, bb


    Sorry, missed a dash:

    .hp-listing-category--view-block .listing_category__name,
    .hp-listing-category--view-block .listing-category__name {word-break:break-word}
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