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Listing Category Translating on Frontend BUG!!!

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    I need to solve this ASAP!
    I have got cancer already because of this!

    I’ve installed Polylang plugin for content translation.
    I’ve created listing categories in admin, made all translations for each language.
    On the frontend when I change language, listing categories DON’T change, or sometimes they change according to language or most of the time DON’T change.

    I just tried what I could think and do. I’m a developer of course, but NOT WP DEV.
    This is cancer!
    Please, I need to solve this.


    Seems like it’s cache or something like that!
    Why the hell categories should be cached?

    I see _transient_hp_models/listing_category/b4f6eabc23561d9242184b85fcd4aa89 records like this.
    I delete them, they appear, delete – they are there, c’moooon man what is this?


    Ok I resolved it!!!

    In wp-content\plugins\hivepress\includes\components\class-cache.php line: 66 `protected function is_enabled() {
    //return ! defined( ‘HP_CACHE’ ) || HP_CACHE; // THIS MUST BE COMMENTED
    return false; // THIS IS THE FIX


    Please don’t edit the plugin code directly, changes will be erased on update. You can add this code snippet:

    define('HP_CACHE', false);

    Using this plugin Or add it to the child theme’s functions.php file if you use one.

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