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    Hi there HivePress Enthusiasts,

    I really like the HivePress plugin so far, but am still wondering if I am missing ways of automating or outsurce the listing creation process. So far:

    – I have to manually create each listing item on its own.
    – I could use the listing attributes to create some sort of .csv template and importing that through third party plugins.

    The latter is not documented enough for me as a non-programmer and non-power user to get started immediately.

    So my question to anyone more experienced with HivePress is: Are there any other plugins, google sheets, csv files or combined processes that work well with HivePress but can reduce the workload for importing/adding 100s and/or 1000s of listing entries?

    Maybe even a scraper or crawler or user friendly custom field export import. Maybe I just haven’t understood the process yet. All information I could find on the forums were a little vague for a beginner.



    Listings are implemented as custom post type (“hp_listing”), so you can use any advanced import plugin for WordPress to map CSV table columns to listing attributes. Selectable attributes are stored as custom taxonomies (with “hp_listing_” prefix), and non-selectable ones are stored as post meta (with “hp_” prefix). It seems that WP All Import plugin worked for someone

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