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Listing Expirations

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  • Aizen

    Hi Ihor,

    Thanks for the latest update – it’s amazing!

    First bug I’ve noticed, is that when viewing existing listings in the backend – the ‘listing expiration’ is empty. I.E it doesn’t show when that listing will expire – so the admin has no idea about previous listings?



    ihor developer


    Please make sure that expiration was set for these listings, I tried to add a listing with expiration and then updated HivePress, the expiration date appears in the new field


    it works fine for me


    Mickeymouse – lucky you!

    iHor, these are paid subscriptions which would have got an expiration based on that, so not sure why they are now blank…

    More issues, I’ve noticed I will make a separate post.


    ihor developer

    I hope that it’s not Paid Listings bug and if you’re sure that these expiration dates were set (they weren’t displayed anywhere until the latest version) I’ll test this today before releasing a quick fix.


    I hope so too, I still have the bug that when people pay for their listing, 9 times out of 10 – the listing does not get submitted – so I have to login as that user, then re-submit the listing to the right category.

    On the second submission it does not redirect for payment it just submits the listing for approval. Perhaps the two are linked?

    I use woocommerce and worldpay as the payment gateway. The payment shows at the end users account so woocommerce is talking to hive press

    ihor developer

    This is a known bug, but it shouldn’t occur if the payment gateway marks orders as “processing” or “completed” before customer gets redirected back to the site (there should be some delay like “you will be redirected in…). Anyway, this will be fixed in the next version of Paid Listings and listing submissions will not depend on visiting the site at all.

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