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Listing filter not working

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  • fixpaana

    Hey, I am testing out my website and I am facing two problems:
    1. The search filters are not working. I am referring to the filters that appear on the left side of the screen when the user is browsing though the listings. Whenever I select to filter by a certain attribute (for example by a price range) , it says “nothing found”. This happens for all the filters on my website.

    2. When I select to display listings from each category individually, the listings are displayed along with the filters on the left side. But when I select to display listings from all categories, the filters disappear.

    Highly appreciate the help!

    ihor developer

    I’ve just replied on, will duplicate the reply here if someone has the same issues:
    Please make sure that there’s no filter that may cause this issue, e.g. if there’s a number range filter (e.g. Price) but no listings with the filtered value, there will be no results.
    Filters may disappear if they are category-specific, please edit these attributes in Listings/Attributes and check if they are assigned to some categories, if so then these filters will not appear for all categories.

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