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listing got lost

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  • stringybark


    is there any way to track what happened to a listing? we have a user who paid for the package, uploaded their information, but there is no listing.

    Their image is in the Media library, the order was successful, however the user role is Subscriber, not Contributor like the other successful listings.

    How can I troubleshoot this please?

    thank you


    The listing is not lost. Once you approve the order instruct them to re-enlist using their account. They won’t have to go through the entire process of filling the form. In as much as their order is approved it will ask them to chose category > sub category (if it has sub option) > listing submitted.

    At this point it’s now up to you to approve their listing from your back-end.

    I wouldn’t know if this listing protocol is normal but kindly see to it.

    ihor developer

    @stringybark Please check if this listing is available in WordPress/Listings section, maybe it was moved to Trash? There’s no function in HivePress that may permanently delete a listing, it moves deleted listings to Trash first. Please make sure that there are no third-party plugins or customizations that may cause this issue.


    @ihor the listing is not in the WordPress/Listing section, there is no Trash.

    When I log in as that user and go to Account, the profile image is there, and the options in the menu are Packages, Orders, Settings or Sign Out.

    As I said before, they are shown as a subscriber, rather than a contributor, and also they are not shown in the vendor list either.

    I can get to the database, but am not sure where to look to see if any of the listing is there.

    I am thinking the connection got interrupted somehow, and they will now need to log in and go to Add Listing to add it again? Would like to avoid that if I can, as it is not a good image from the client point of view, so if I can recover their data to make the listing, I would like to do that.

    that is not how it works – we don’t approve on the back end

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details. There’s no function in HivePress that deletes listings permanently, it can only move listings to Trash. If at least 1 listing is added and published then user’s role is switched to Contributor automatically. I guess it was some caching or connection issue, maybe the listing draft was removed before the submission (WordPress removes auto-drafts by its own schedule).

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