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    From the front end I am having an issue with a number of features from the front end

    1. Sign-in button not working , nothing is happening when clicking
    2. Registration button is not working, (when add listing is clicked) also doing nothing when clicked
    3. Claim listing when clicked, nothing is happening

    This site was working and all of a sudden nothing is working. Please help? Do I need to set something up? I have been promoting for people to add their businesses and it is not functioning properly.


    Menu on the home page is also not working when on the mobile phone.


    These issues are caused by WordPress 5.5, I’ve just made a quick update to fix this, please try updating HivePress.


    I’m having the same problems and have the version 1.3.12 of Hivepress. I cannot find an update. Please help 🙂


    If possible send a link to your site and I’ll check it.


    Here is the link:


    I can see that the problem is mainly the login: the menu button do not work, the login form do not work, and when you click on listings the image gallery is not shown corretly before you are correctly logged in. Hope this info helps.


    This is really strange, for some reason the jQuery is not loaded on your site. You can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this via back-end.


    I tried to re-activate plugins and it works now, I guess it was a SG cache issue.

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