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Listing Is not showing up in categories section

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    My new listing is not showing up in the categories section. I added a listing from one of the categories when I submitted it I went to home section. when I clicked the category in which I submitted listing was not showing up. In the header, it was showing that a listing is there. Also, filters were also not visible on that page. when I opened the common listing page it showed my listing but when I used a filter to sort out all listing from same categories nothing was visible also filter was also disappeared. please help regarding how to resolve this problem


    If possible send more details (e.g. a link to this listing or the listings page) and I’ll check this issue.


    here is my website link
    and here is one of category link
    Listing is visible in My account Section But not in the category section


    Your site seems to be blocked with the “Coming Soon” page. Please try refreshing permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section (e.g. set Month and Name structure). Also please make sure that this listing is published (not draft or pending) and assigned to this category.


    We have tried refreshing permalinks but nothing’s changed. The listing too is published but it’s just not showing under categories. The site is now live. Please reach out to us asap.

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