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    Ok so I’ve added a plan using woocommerce and I have set the limit to 1 so i have a couple of questions
    after the plan expires (30 days), can the customer renew that plan and it will keep on going for another 30 days and so on.. or does that customer have to choose another plan because the listing limit was set to 1?
    my overall goal is to make it so that a customer has to pay money (40 pounds) for each listing and also make it so that after a month (30 days) he has to pay another 40 pounds if he wants that ad to keep on running for another month (30 days).
    I am asking this because there’s no way for me to test it besides actually paying money.
    Please Help.

    ihor developer

    1. If you set the expiration period to 30 then listings added via this package will expire in 30 days, and the user will have to purchase a package again (renewals are counted like new submissions).

    2. There’s a way to check this, you can enable some offline payment option in WooCommerce (e.g. bank transfer) and check the whole submission process, you can manually mark the order as completed in WP dashboard.


    oh ok thanks

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