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Listing limit reached?

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    Dear Ihor,

    i haven’t touched any of my Hivepress settings as of lately when discussing package options with another user on the forum.

    Until now, I had three packages, all linked to a corresponding woocommerce article and each limit was set to 1.

    I removed the linking to the woocommerce product for one item and linked it back after testing, now I’m getting “limit reached” for the package and I cant select it any more. I used the same settings that worked flawlessly before. Even if I set the limit to 10.000, nothing happens.

    What went wrong here? I have no clue what I messed up with unlinking the woocommerce article.

    Kind regards,


    I also can’t post blog articles, it says “Veröffentlichung fehlgeschlagen. UngĂĽltige Beitrags-ID.”

    Not sure, if this is related.


    If I create a new account, it works as usual. So has my change in settings affected ALL active users? Where in the Database can the package settings be reset, especially the limit?

    ihor developer

    If you change the package limit the existing users will still have their limits, the limit is saved in the user account when the package is saved/purchased. I guess you removed the WooCommerce product and used the package limit (e.g. 1), then since this package was completely free it’s not possible to re-select it (for your account only, other users are not affected). Hope this helps.


    Thanks Ihor,

    is there any way to remove the package in zhe database? For my account and for any other account that could have the issue?

    ihor developer

    Yes, if you have direct access to the database please try removing a comment of “hp_listing_package” type from wp_comments table, where the user ID is set in the user_id column. This way you can remove the free package you selected and you’ll be able to select it again. Please link it with some WooCommerce product if you want to allow re-selecting this package in the future.

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