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    Ihor, hello. Another question, since I can not figure it out, i keep puzzling over the customization. When the listing packages are arranged 4 in a row, when you change the resolution 4 columns on the computer monitor immediately go to 1 column, bypassing the 3 or 2 columns. How can I make that there would be an intermediate transition on the tablet 4 -2 -1?

    At 1045px resolution the transition to 3 or 2 columns is already needed, but 4 columns remain up to 775px resolution and it looks already strange. Then after 775 px the transition directly to 1 single column, which is also not very nice. Not enough transition to 3 or 2 columns below 775px.

    ihor developer

    We use this grid for HivePress We’ll try to make the breakpoints more precise, there are still responsive layout issues in the bug tracker but we hope to fix these soon. If it’s urgent please try resolving this via CSS tweaks.
    Please try using a new community forum, this one will be switched to read-only soon


    Thank you I look forward to it. This is already fundamental for me:) CCS is trying to set up, so far it’s hard enough to make it work everywhere 🙁

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