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    Currently the main listing page has two main columns for page layout. One is for side bar for filter and the other column for listing grid, which has another two columns grid view

    How can adjust this layout? i want to reduce the side bar so that the main area will have more space and i want to have 3 column grid view.

    please help me to set this up


    Please try using the code snippet suggested here to change the number of columns Changing the layout width may require further customizations.


    will this affect the category page listings as well?


    the code in the link makes the side bar on to the right side. i want to keep it in the left its self. how can i make it like that?


    i want to make the side bar width reduced and stickiness removed


    I noticed that after making the columns 3, the number of listing still shows as 4 instead 6. the rest is shown in pagination.

    Here is what i want:
    – 3 Columns list and two rows of listing at least (6 list displayed total). number of rows can change later.
    – Side bar width to reduce

    can you give me code snippet for this?

    this is the snippet i am using now. (tried adding number option to display number of listings, but didn’t work)

    function( $template ) {
    return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
    ‘blocks’ => [

    ‘listings’ => [
    ‘columns’ => 3,



    You can change the number of listings per page in HivePress settings, you don’t need any code snippets to change this. I’m sorry but I can’t help with customizing your site, this is not part of support – if you’re familiar with CSS please try customizing the listings page via “hp-template–listings-view-page” CSS class (it’s unique for any page with listings).


    ah I saw it. I’ll do the setting. thanks

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