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    Hello! After the listing expires and goes to draft, is it possible, by clicking on publish, to automatically update the posting date to the renewal date and mainly to update the expiration date considering the number of list display days configured in HivePress?


    It should already work this way, renewed listings get the current date. The expiration date should also be reset, if you found any bugs please let me know how to reproduce them.


    Here on my website, when the listing changes to draft status, by clicking publish, the dates are being kept and the listing returns to draft status.

    I’m having to update the publication and expiration dates manually.


    If possible send a step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce this, do you re-publish listings via back-end or front-end? I’m working on the next HivePress version and if there’s a bug it will be fixed.


    The listings are created via the front-end, after the term defined in the HivePress panel expires, if the seller is taking too long to renew the listing, I republish it via the back-end, the problem that is when I open the listing page on the back- end and I click the publish button, the expiration and publication dates do not update, so the listing returns to draft status.


    Thanks, now I understand. This is a known, but not a critical issue because there’s no such thing as renewal via back-end, when you edit listing the expiration date is already filled in, so when you click “Update” this date has a higher priority over the date that is set automatically on listing status change. There’s no way to prevent this at the moment.

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