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Listing submission form

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  • vheo

    Can we add link to job submission form to menu while using not ur theme? Now i use /submit-listing/ route but sometimes i got error with page not found and link with ?post_type=hp_listing&p=421 parameter only. I use paid listings with WooCommerce. When user buy paid listing they got order confirmation, then I as an admin mark listing as confirmed and then user has to re-viisti /submit-listing/ route to add listing to Listing dashboard in admin panel. Can it be made automatically? Id like to add automatically to listing admin dashboard when order is marked as confirmed or paid. Pls help and thanks 4 plugin.

    ihor developer

    1. Sure, this URL should work because the default theme uses the same URL for the “Submit Listing” button, please make sure that you copied it without any changes. If there’s a redirect to a strange URL please make sure that there’re no posts or pages with the “submit-listing” slug, they may conflict with the listing submission URL added by HivePress.

    2. Please mark products as “virtual” and “downloadable”, then orders should be marked as completed automatically and user will be redirected back to the listing submission page (this redirect occurs if user visits the “Thanks for your order…” page and order is marked as processing or completed).

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