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Listing submit page for different languages of Polylang

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    I’ve read some support questions about compatibility of Hivepress with Polylang.
    I would like to know if there are some news about it?
    I need to somehow enable adding listing in different languages for user.
    Is there any news about it or this subject is not important?

    I really like Hivepress plugin, but it comes with a lot of disappointments.
    I think multilingual websites are widely used and of course user wants to add listing for every language used by website.

    It is possible to add listing for one language, then change language and add NEW RECORD of the listing for another language. But I don’t think users appreciate it.

    Any ideas?


    While you can translate the HivePress strings into multiple languages, users will not be able to translate their listings into multiple languages, this would require implementing the whole Polylang (or WPML) interface on the front-end. I noticed that popular listing sites (like OLX) use different subdomains or even domains for different languages/countries, because even if there were options for translating listings on the front-end it’s impossible to force users to do so, and translated listings would be mixed up in search results. Also, users would leave reviews in different languages (or send messages in another language) and this would lead to many more issues.

    Please consider using subdomains for this purpose, then you can be 100% sure that it will work correctly. All these multilanguage plugins just duplicate each entry in the database, and the site would quickly become really slow if have a lot of listings.

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