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    Is there a possibility to get a button für the attributes? – So if you click “Add Listing” it just opens the form an you can click on a button to follow a link? 🙂



    There’s no such attribute at the moment, could you please share a use case for it, is it some button with external link to additional info? It’s pretty easy to implement such attribute and it may be added to the next version.


    Thank you for your quick support, ihor!
    I really love working with the hivepress plugin. I need the button for a survey, which is finally important for the listing on my page – it gives me important answers for a short “wanted list”. So for the Moment it’s a website in development, just on computer as localhost.


    Thanks, for the details, I’ll consider adding a button attribute. For now please consider using the attribute description for this purpose, you can add a link or a button there.

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