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Listings/Claims v. Payment Packages, Renewal, Expiration,

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  • polen

    Hi there,

    I’m giving a try to HivePress with the hope of replacing our current solution.

    1) It’d be great if they could mark a listing as “sold” or “no longer available”, which could then un-publish the listing but remain in their list of listings. This way users don’t have to delete the listing, keep for reference, or could later unmark “sold”, republish until original expiration date (if any) if sale falls through or item becomes again available. If I get the statistics add on, they’d benefit from seeing the performance of sold and expired listings (haven’t tested yet and don’t know if they can see expired listings but would be great if yes, so they can also renew)

    2) I also vote for adding a renewal option (both to user dashboard and as email reminder) — now I see a Listing Expiration email content that mentions renewal. Is that implemented?

    3) Maybe it’s me and my setup, but I don’t see the expiration date of a listing in the user dashboard or when the user is viewing their listing or while editing. It would be great if users could see it, especially as if you consider adding a renewal option / button in the dashboard by the listing or when editing.

    4) I am not sure about “claim this listing” with paid listings. If somebody paid for the listing I can’t just have anybody claim it (and even pay) and take it away from the first person who paid for it. I guess it can see it can be useful for other uses. However, there is a specific category where I will create listings and users may claim them, so I what I am trying to say is: I want to be able to restrict claim ability by category. I would assume that’s not possible out of the box, right? I guess I can css hide it based on the category or I could edit your templates. Do you have a better suggestion?

    5) For another project, listings will be free. I do want to charge for Featured and for Claim Listing. I saw a thread where I think you said a free package (with no wc product) could only be used once. Is that right? It looks like if I use Claim Listing add-on and don’t use Paid Listing, I can’t charge for featured. Right? Is there a good way of doing this?
    I guess I could have a free package for 1 million listings but I like the idea of having the free package for 1 listing and for the user to see when creating every listing that it is free, could be charged. Do you have a better idea?

    6) I wonder if it could be possible to put together what listings are paid with what packages. Or is it just a simple count based on the package conditions (ie categories assigned)?
    I see that in the “packages” section of the user’s dashboard they can see how many listing credits they have, which is great. I am hoping they could also see what listings were paid as part of which package, especially since once the user deletes their listing there is no record left and user can say they paid for 10 but got only 9, and ‘prove it’ by showing the published listings. I am not hoping this is possible or may be too complicated for normal use of the plugin.

    Huge thanks and sorry if I’m too new and any of this is already covered.

    ihor developer


    Thanks for your suggestions, and I hope that HivePress will be suitable for your site.

    1. This feature is already planned, I’ll add a “Hide” link next to the “Delete” link so there will be 2 options.

    2. Yes, expired listings can be renewed, you can also charge users for renewals using Paid Listings extension. You can test this by changing listing status to “draft” and setting some past expiration date.

    3. Yes, this table lacks a few details at the moment, but this will be improved. I plan to add “category” and “expiration date” columns.

    4. There’s no such option at the moment, but I’ll consider adding it to the next version of Claim Listings extension. Paid Listings already have this implemented.

    5. You can, if you just set a product for featuring listings, and don’t add any packages then there will be no package selection step in the listing submission, but separate listings will have the “Feature” option.

    6. This is not stored anywhere at the moment, but thanks for your suggestion. HivePress just selects a package with the higher available limit and reduces it by 1 when the listing is published.

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