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  • Peter John

    Hello @ihor,

    I was wondering what the possibilities where to making the following changes:

    Could the color of the following icons be changed, the favorite and contact on the listing cards? And possibly also on the vendor card? By default they are grey.

    On the listing cards, by default the category buttons (room and apartments for example) utilize the button color of Add listing(which is green) is it possible to change the color per category?

    Is there a limit that can be added to the listing text? For example 300 characters.

    And lastly is there a way to filter on inappropriate content/text for listings automatically?

    If these are possible, would it be possible to get a code snippets for these?
    If any of these solutions are available using extensions you have I would gladly purchase them as well.

    Thank you


    All these styling changes are possible, but they require CSS customizations. Please consider hiring someone for custom work via Fiverr, any developer with WordPress experience will be able to make these changes

    For the description field, you can use the code snippet from this topic but with “description” instead of “title”.

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