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Listings Page as list instead of grid, with featured listings with photos only.

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    I’d like to request the ability to change the layout of the Listings page(and any other similar results page) to a list instead of the current grid view. Please see this link for an example…

    I also like how the featured listings in the productionhub link have images and the basic listings do no in this view. I think it would be a nice option to be able to list in selling featured listings to our members. The ability to stand out with an image on the results page.



    Thanks for your suggestion, this layout depends on the theme and I plan to release more themes for HivePress. For example, there will be a job board theme with a list view set by default.

    It’s already possible to hide images for non-featured listings with this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing--view-block:not(.hp-listing--featured) .hp-listing__image {display:none}


    @ihor, this is what I suggestion a while ago as well. (similar to It’d be cool to be able to choose how to display the listings from within the short code you out on the site.

    With best regards,



    This will most likely be implemented within the core plugin (as a block option) or via other niche-specific themes (to avoid bloating the core plugin with options).

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