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Listings without price should show up even when filtered by price

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  • allenbecky8

    Some of my listings do not have a price because the price varies or because you need to call the listing to get the price. I noticed that these listings do not show up when a user filters or sorts by price. Is it possible to make it such that these listings without a price show up even when a user filters or sorts by price? Thank you!


    Same issue when sorting by rating too. I would like listings that don’t yet have ratings to still show up (just below the listings that do have ratings).


    Its known issue and Ihor (developer) did say he will correct it in upcoming updates.


    Thanks, do you know if the known issue is for ratings too? For now, I made price a non-filterable and non-searchable attribute so it doesn’t confuse users. But since rating isn’t an attribute, there doesn’t seem to be a workaround


    Thanks, I added these issues to the bug tracker and will check them before releasing the next update. I plan to update HivePress within 2 weeks.

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